Thursday, April 4, 2013

FURBY Top Ten!

Top 10 Best Selling Furby List

What do you think the top selling FURBIES are? Taboo, Phoenix, maybe Black Magic? I was curious myself and decided to do some research myself to see what the current best sellers are. I think the list is a bit of a surprise and I think one factor has been that many of the FURBY colors have been sold out. Let's hope that Hasbro starts to churn out more FURBIES! We're glad to see that the new FURBY Party Rockers are on the scene and that the inventory has been holding out. Now back to the FURBY top 10 list, we will go in reverse order to build suspence. Drum roll please...

#10. Black Magic FURBY

See the whole list after the jump!

#9.Taboo FURBY

#8. Raincloud FURBY

#7.Pink Flare FURBY

#6.Lagoona FURBY

#5.Lightning Zap FURBY

#4.Black Cherry FURBY

#3.Starry Night FURBY

#2. Orangutan FURBY

And the top seller is............

#1. Cotton Candy FURBY

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