Thursday, October 17, 2013

Furby Boom Giveaway

Looking to win a free Furby Boom? Furby Online is giving away a free Furby Boom, all you have to do is find all six medallions. I don't think the site gets a ton of traffic so you would probably have a good chance of winning if you participate.


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Furby Halloween Costume

Halloween is fast approaching, have you decided what you are going to be? This Furby costume is really cool. I wish they had it in more than just one color. What are your going to go as for Halloween this year?

Get more Halloween Costume Ideas!

Friday, August 2, 2013

New Furby Boom


Get ready, a new generation of Furby is about to hatch and we think this next wave of Furbies are going be a tidal wave! This next generation is called Furby Boom and as the name suggest this Furby will make a loud impact. We predict there will have enhanced features such as; enhanced motion, new app content, new accessories and new colors/patterns. These Furbies are going to be a hot item during the holidays so keep a close on the release and get them while you can. According to Hasbro, Furby Boom is available to purchase on August 2, 2013! One of the coolest things about Furby Boom is you still shape Furby's personality but you also get to shape the personality of Furbys digital hatchlings. The new Digital app allows you and Furby to create a whole city of Furbies. Furby Boom lays the eggs, over time they hatch and you raise them on your iPad, iPhone or iTouch. Sounds pretty cool huh? We were thinking this will give a whole new meaning to an Easter Egg hunt! The new Furby Boom app also allow you to play games like soccer (football) with Furby and also a Furby clinic which allows you to track Furby's health. You can take X-rays of Furby or give Furby a virtual shower! \
Furby Boom

Furby Boom Colors

Here are some of the exiting new names and colors:
Furby Boom Polka Dot
Furby Polka Dot – Hot Pink, teal and yellow
Furby Boom Stripe
Furby Stripe – Hot Pink, black and yellow
Furby Boom Ikat
Furby Ikot – Blue, yellow and pink
Furby Boom Waves
Furby Waves – Many shades of blue
Furby Boom Triangle
Furby Triangle – Black, magenta and blue
Furby Boom Zig Zag
Furby Zig Zag – Black, white and blue

Aren't these colors amazing? Be sure to snatch them up because we have a feeling they won't be available in the stores for very long.
furby outlet

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Furby Outlet Great Deals

Looking for Furby but on a budget? Check out the Furby Outlet You find new and old generation Furbies as well as Furby Party Rockers, Furby accessories and more. These are some of the best prices for Furby stuff anywhere on the web!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

FURBY Online Store

Every Kid Deserves a FURBY

FURBY makes such a great gift, it's great to see your kids face light up when they see FURBY for the first time and FURBY starts to talk and move around. This past Christmas FURBY was a hot item and after black Friday it was hard to find any FURBIES on the shelf. I remember when I was shopping around for a gift for my nephew, there were 3 white FURBIES and one Orange one. The white FURBY'S name is Yeti, the orange FURBY is Phoenix. I was a bit torn as to which FURBY to get for him. I decided to go with the orange one, Phoenix, because I know how 5 year old boys are and an Orange color would be less likely to show dirt. When my nephew unwrapped FURBY he really wasn't all that excited, I don't think he was aware of what FURBY was. Once I took FURBY out of the box and put the batteries in, that instantly got his attention and he ran over to take FURBY with him.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

FURBY Top Ten!

Top 10 Best Selling Furby List

What do you think the top selling FURBIES are? Taboo, Phoenix, maybe Black Magic? I was curious myself and decided to do some research myself to see what the current best sellers are. I think the list is a bit of a surprise and I think one factor has been that many of the FURBY colors have been sold out. Let's hope that Hasbro starts to churn out more FURBIES! We're glad to see that the new FURBY Party Rockers are on the scene and that the inventory has been holding out. Now back to the FURBY top 10 list, we will go in reverse order to build suspence. Drum roll please...

#10. Black Magic FURBY

See the whole list after the jump!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New FURBY Names

Many people wonder what the name of the newest FURBIES are? Hasbro released some cool color combinations in 2013 but it isn't easy to find out these FURBY's names. Well look no further, we have the names right here.

The red Furby with black ears is a very passionate FURBY.

What do you do think this FURBY's name is?

Black Cherry

Find out more great colors:

Monday, April 1, 2013

White Furby

We hope the Easter Bunny was good to everyone this year! We're sure he was, we were thinking if for what ever reason the Easter Bunny was not able to deliver Easter baskets to children everywhere we think Yeti (the white Furby) would make a great replacement!


Features of Yeti White FURBY

  • Furby responds to your voice and to music
  • Pet Furby's head, tickle its tummy, or pull its tail and see what happens
  • Feed Furby with your finger
  • App is optional and works with iPad, iPod touch and iPhone with iOS 4.2 or later
  • Includes 1 Furby and instructions

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Furby Easter Basket

FURBY Easter Basket

Easter is fast approaching and if the Easter Bunny hasn't created all the Easter baskets yet there is still time! What better theme can you go with than a FURBY Easter Basket? Image the excitement your child will feel Easter morning when he/she wakes up to find all his/her favorite treats and on tap of that a new best friend, FURBY!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

It's a Pink Flare FURBY

It's a Pink Flare FURBY

What do you think of when you hear the term “Pink Flare”? Fireworks, a flock of flamingos, or perhaps that pink girl that loves the color pink? Pink Flare is also one of the newest waves of FURBIES that’s bound to delight those who are pink at heart. Keep in mind that Hasbro has some great FURBY accessories such as Furby bowling bag, FURBY sling bag, Furby glasses and a FURBY chair. There are even some cool FURBY keychains!

You can also order FURBY in this AWESOME package deal (your pretty much get a FURBY Party Rocker or Furby Sling or Bowling Bag for FREE!). Unfortunately, Pink Flare has sold out with that deal but you can still get Pink Flare at our FURBY Online Store

Read what people are saying about Pink Flare FURBY.

Pink Flare Furby


Features of Pink Flare FURBY

  • Furby responds to your voice and to music
  • Pet Furby's head, tickle its tummy, or pull its tail and see what happens
  • Feed Furby with your finger
  • App is optional and works with iPad, iPod touch and iPhone with iOS 4.2 or later
  • Includes 1 Furby and instructions

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Easter Egg Furby

Furby Easter Eggs are a fun and creative project to work on with your kids. We know how much kids love Furby and they will be delighted to learn that they can make Easter eggs that look a lot like the real thing!
Get the FREE Furby Easter Kit!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Furby Album Covers

Famous FURBY Album Covers

We have to give Kudos to the folks over at They came up with awesome idea of incorporating FURBY into your favorite album covers.

Britney Spears

We already compared Loveby to Britney Spears in a previous blog post, so it seems like a logical comparison. FURBY Fatal is hilarious and we love how this played out on the album cover!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Red Furby Black Cherry

Black Cherry FURBY

Last week I ordered Black Cherry FURBY and I just got a notice that it's ready to be picked, to make things even better I got a sling back as well. Black Cherry is one of my favorite FURBY names as well. Black Cherry is the only red colored FURBY and looks very sharp with black ears, eyes and feet. When I last checked Black Cherry had sold out so I'm glad I got it for only $47.00! It pays move quick with deals like this.

Buy Black Cherry alone or for the BEST DEAL get in him this AWESOME package deal (your pretty much get a FURBY Party Rocker or Furby Sling or Bowling Bag for FREE!)


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cool FURBY Keychain

Love this FURBY Keychain, they keep selling out but thankfully that keep coming back in stock every few weeks.

Check it out!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

FURBY Party Rockers only $19.97 Online

FURBY Party Rockers only $19.97 Online

We are constantly keeping our fingers on the pulse of the best FURBY deals in-store and online. While supplies last you can get any four of the FURBY Party Rockers for only $19.97! You also get free shipping to your neighborhood Walmart store. I've checked several Walmart stores and the Party Rocker inventory has been hit or miss. I've seen some stores with a few in stock and other's that are completely sold out. Currently, Loveby seems to be the hardest FURBY Party Rocker to find. Luckyily you can now order them online for the best price of $19.97.

All Four Furby Party Rockers at a Great Price!

furby party rockers Loveby Furby Party Rockers Fussby furby party rockers Scoffby furby party rockers twitby Twitby

Monday, March 18, 2013

Get Two Furby Party Rockers For a Great Deal!

Get Two Furby Party Rockers For a Great Deal!

You just can't have a party with only one of the FURBY Party Rockers and with this great deal why should you? For a limited time you get your pick of TWO FURBY Party Rockers for the awesome price of $40.00! This is the best price I've seen for the FURBY Party Rockers anywhere. There's a choice of four Party Rockers; Loveby, Fussby, Scoffby and Twitby. Which two will you choose?

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Purple Furby

Voodoo Purple Furby - Furby Online

Voodoo is a mystical purple color and is the most magical of the FURBIES. Voodoo's fur has good texture of a light and dark purple and the ears, eyes and feet are a lighter purple.


Thursday, March 14, 2013

FURBY Bundle only $74.00!

Furby Party

This Your choice, Party Rocker and Furby Bundle includes your choice of:
•1 Furby party rocker (Choice of 4)
•1 Furby (Choice of 4)

Furby Party Bundle

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Great FURBY Bundle Deal only $69.00

Great FURBY Bundle Deal

Walmart is currently running a great FURBY bundle special. You pick one of six FURBIES and then add an accessory, which is one of the cool FURBY bags! I just ordered mine because I'm sure this awesome deal won't last long, you won't be likely to find this deal in stores. I went to 5 different stores this past weekend and none of them had any of the full size Furbies or bags in stock. If your lucky you may find the FURBY Party Rockers and some of the sunglasses and sticker packs. After I place my order they split it up so the FURBY comes to $47.46 and the bag comes to $21.54, where else are you going to find a FURBY for under $50.00?


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

FURBY Party Rockers Review

FURBY Party Rockers Review

I was excited to find Twitby, one of the FURBY Party Rockers at my local Walmart store. This was the only FURBY they had out on the shelves so I felt lucky to find one. The first thing I noticed is that the FURBY Party Rockers are about 3 times smaller than the regular FURBY, the packaging and branding is pretty much identical.