Saturday, April 6, 2013

FURBY Online Store

Every Kid Deserves a FURBY

FURBY makes such a great gift, it's great to see your kids face light up when they see FURBY for the first time and FURBY starts to talk and move around. This past Christmas FURBY was a hot item and after black Friday it was hard to find any FURBIES on the shelf. I remember when I was shopping around for a gift for my nephew, there were 3 white FURBIES and one Orange one. The white FURBY'S name is Yeti, the orange FURBY is Phoenix. I was a bit torn as to which FURBY to get for him. I decided to go with the orange one, Phoenix, because I know how 5 year old boys are and an Orange color would be less likely to show dirt. When my nephew unwrapped FURBY he really wasn't all that excited, I don't think he was aware of what FURBY was. Once I took FURBY out of the box and put the batteries in, that instantly got his attention and he ran over to take FURBY with him.

What Makes FURBY so great

One of the best things about FURBY is it really has a personality, depending on the hour FURBY's personality will change. It will also react to how it is treated. I noticed the rougher you play with FURBY the more wild it gets. FURBY also is a get friend and give your child something to take care, it also doesn't require the commitment and care that a living pet requires.

Where to Get FURBY

FURBY is hard to find in most retail stores so I wouldn't waste you time, if you find one it will most likely be a return and that can be risky. Check out the FURBY Online Store for the best deals on FURBY retro and new!

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