Friday, August 2, 2013

New Furby Boom


Get ready, a new generation of Furby is about to hatch and we think this next wave of Furbies are going be a tidal wave! This next generation is called Furby Boom and as the name suggest this Furby will make a loud impact. We predict there will have enhanced features such as; enhanced motion, new app content, new accessories and new colors/patterns. These Furbies are going to be a hot item during the holidays so keep a close on the release and get them while you can. According to Hasbro, Furby Boom is available to purchase on August 2, 2013! One of the coolest things about Furby Boom is you still shape Furby's personality but you also get to shape the personality of Furbys digital hatchlings. The new Digital app allows you and Furby to create a whole city of Furbies. Furby Boom lays the eggs, over time they hatch and you raise them on your iPad, iPhone or iTouch. Sounds pretty cool huh? We were thinking this will give a whole new meaning to an Easter Egg hunt! The new Furby Boom app also allow you to play games like soccer (football) with Furby and also a Furby clinic which allows you to track Furby's health. You can take X-rays of Furby or give Furby a virtual shower! \
Furby Boom

Furby Boom Colors

Here are some of the exiting new names and colors:
Furby Boom Polka Dot
Furby Polka Dot – Hot Pink, teal and yellow
Furby Boom Stripe
Furby Stripe – Hot Pink, black and yellow
Furby Boom Ikat
Furby Ikot – Blue, yellow and pink
Furby Boom Waves
Furby Waves – Many shades of blue
Furby Boom Triangle
Furby Triangle – Black, magenta and blue
Furby Boom Zig Zag
Furby Zig Zag – Black, white and blue

Aren't these colors amazing? Be sure to snatch them up because we have a feeling they won't be available in the stores for very long.
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